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Living with Incontinence

Let's talk about Incontinence

There are four common types of incontinence, each with various causes and levels of severity:

1- Stress incontinence usually affects women and is caused by a decrease in pelvic muscle tone and/or ability of the urethra to close tightly. Unexpected leakage results from coughing, laughing, exercising or other sudden stress on the bladder.

2- Urge incontinence occurs when a person feels an intense and uncontrollable urge to urinate. It can be brought on by certain medications, alcohol, caffeine, bladder infection, pregnancy or an enlarged prostate.

3- Overflow incontinence occurs when the bladder fills beyond its capacity and leakage results.

4- Reflex incontinence is the loss of voluntary control. Urination happens without the sensation of a full bladder or the need to urinate.

What you should know about skin care of an incontinent person:
Urine and also feces stress the skin of incontinent people considerably. Skin irritation and skin diseases can be the result. This problem is aggravated by age-related changes in the skin which is very susceptible to damages to the skin. Therefore thorough skin care is especially important in the care of people affected by incontinence.

To prevent skin irritation and diseases in the persons affected, not only regular changing of the incontinence aids (such as briefs or pads) but primarily thorough cleansing and care of the skin are especially important. Only cleansing and care products which were especially developed for elderly skin should be used.

For cleansing and care only products which were especially developed for elderly skin should be used

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