patient lifts

HOW TO CHOOSE a Patient Lift

Patient lifts are an integral part of the home care setting.  They make transfers and daily activites easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and to the patient.  We carry the top brands including hoyer patient lifts, Drive Medical, Nova Orthomed, and Invacare Patient Lifts.

Manual Patient Lifts - These hydraulic lifts are manual and completely operated by the caregiver.  They have hydraulic assists, lessening the weight that the caregiver has to move.  They are appropriate when cost is a significant factor, the situation doesn't allow easy access to a power source, or if the patient lift is used for transferring the patient from one room to another.

Power Patient Lifts - These lifts are powered either through a standard electrical outlet or by a re-chargeable battery.  The lifting is completely controlled through a hand control, eliminating any physical exertion by the caregiver.  Power patient lifts  also allow the patient to operate some functions independantly, as well.  All of these models have manual back-up in case of power failure.

Patient Lift Accessories - A sling is required for your lift.  These are sold separately because there are a wide variety of slings to meet all transfer needs.  Contact customer service if you require a specialty sling...we carry the full lines of Patient Lift Slings from Invacare, Drive Medical, Nova Orthomed, and Hoyer.