walkers - rollators - knee walkers

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Walkers come in 2 wheels or no wheels at all (known as pick up walkers), and rollators come in 3 or 4 wheels. Walkers also come in several sizes to accomodate the user's heigth and weight,  colors,  options, and prices.  So, several decisions must be made before purchasing a walker or a rollator.  For your safety and ejnoyment of the walker, PRICE SHOULD NOT BE THE MOST IMPORTANT CONDISERATION.

Is the walker appropriate for your height and weight?  How easily does it maneuver?  How easily does it fold? What size wheels should your walker have?  Will it fit through the doors in your home?  There are many issues that must be considered before a purchase is made.  

Our customer service agents may be able to advise you and help you make the best and least expensive choice that will fit your needs.  Call us at 877-677-7334  (877-677-REDI)